Wind Farm Training


Texas Rescue provides instruction and training for Wind Farm workers. If you need training for workers either before ,during , or after, the construction phase, or training for your maintenance  employees after the Wind Turbines construction has been completed Texas Rescue can provide that training.

Our instructors are well versed in all aspects of Wind Turbine climbing, fall protection, and rescue. Whether you opt for traditional Rope Rescue Systems or Tractel  Rescue systems , Texas Rescue will customize a training program especially for your company and your employees and/or contractors. Our classes are "HANDS ON" everyone participates and performs simulated rescues on their fellow workers while closely supervised by our instructors. Simulated rescue include recovery while suspended from a LadSafe or similar device, Hub Rescue, and over the edge rescue.

Texas Rescue also provides cleaning services, such as oil removal both inside and outside utilizing Rope Access Systems we can cut you down time substantially. All surfaces are hand cleaned to insure all foreign materials are removed, and also insure there is no environmental impact. Call us today for a quote for your next cleaning job.

We are fully insured and the safety of your employees and the safety of your equipment and facilities are our primary concern.






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