Texas Rescue has been selected as the United States distributor for the

new "Anthron DSD Plus" decent device.


The Anthron DSD Plus is one of the best devices to enter the technical rescue field in years. The original Anthron has been on the market for over 10 years, but it was limited in the sizes of ropes that could be used. The NEW Anthron DSD Plus has a rope diameter size range from 9MM thru 12MM with 11MM (7/16) being the ideal rope size to use.


The Anthron DSD Plus is ideally suited for the following:

Novice's to rappelling:  With the anti-panic braking function, if the student squeezes to hard they stop, if they panic and let go of the device they stop. Makes the instructors job much easier, less stressful, and reduces liability.

Experienced Rope Technicians: The Anthron DSD Plus allows experienced user to navigate difficult edges "hands free" of the device while still allowing minor or major adjustments for correct positioning. Allows the user to insert or remove the rope from the device without removing it from their harness. Allows the user to stop and work without the need to "tie off" increasing production for those technicians that have to make multiple stops during their descent. Allows for easy taking up of rope in situations where ascends are necessary. Can be used left or right handed, and the threading pattern is clearly visible on both sides of the device.

The Anthron DSD Plus is competitively priced.

The Anthron DSD Plus can be visually inspected, all parts and components can be inspected for function, and wear.

The Anthron DSD Plus is rugged and reliable, with no hidden parts that can fail without warning.

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